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What is Included in a Typical Home Inspection?

During the purchasing process, it’s important to hire an inspector to look over the house you’re considering. The inspection is like a test drive for your new home. You can hire a professional if you’re not sure if you should do it yourself, but it’s always a good idea to have an expert look over the house before you purchase it. A home inspector will be able to spot problems and defects in a property that a buyer may not notice. They will be able to point out any potential catastrophes in the home.

A typical home inspection will cover the exterior of the structure as well as the inside. The inspector will climb up and down ladders to inspect the crawlspace under the home and look for visible leaks. The inspector will also test water pressure and identify what type of pipes are installed in the house. If the inspector finds that the pipes are very old, he or she may recommend a secondary inspection to determine if they need to be replaced. A home inspector will also identify the location of the main shutoff valve.

In addition to the exterior of a home, inspectors will check the inside of the home, including the attic. The attic can hold valuable clues about the overall structural integrity of a property. They will also check the venting of appliances in the kitchen. If there’s an improper venting system, this could lead to a fire. The inspector will also inspect the attached garage wall for a fire rating. Smoke detectors are another important aspect of a home inspection, as they can alert the buyer to the presence of smoke in the home.

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