The Top Guest Posting Sites in 2022

If you are looking for the top guest posting sites in 2022, then you have come to the right place. Listed below are two of the best options. Both have the potential to increase traffic to your website, but there are a few important factors to consider. Read on to discover the benefits of both. Guest posting sites can help you create high-quality contextual backlinks for your website. Google will not penalize your blog if it contains quality content from other sites.


Creately is a business blog that accepts guest posts, and its content team maintains high standards for submissions. Editors reserve the right to reject any contribution or make minor edits. They prefer articles that are more than 1000 words and offer genuine value to their readers. Articles may contain up to two self-serving links and links to other quality resources. However, they discourage excessive linking.

The best way to find a blog that accepts guest posts is to look for blogs in your niche or industry. Submitting a guest post on a blog with a niche that matches yours is the best way to attract a targeted audience. It is important to include topics you’re knowledgeable about and include links to your own blog posts. Once you’ve received a few requests, you can start building relationships with blog owners and readers.

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Guest posting is an excellent way to get your name out there and increase traffic to your website. Not only is it great for SEO, but it also showcases your writing abilities. To get started, check out this list of free guests posting sites. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see results. By submitting articles regularly, you’ll soon notice the difference in your traffic and SEO.

Creately allows you to collaborate with teams in real time, with sharable links and email invitations. Once you’ve completed a project, you can check your progress and assign tasks to your team members through the “My task” control center. You can even create a process flow chart, assign different responsibilities, and customize the style of the chart to meet your preferences. All of these features make Creately one of the top 2022 guest posting website.

Another cool feature of Creately is its ability to connect multiple diagrams. Unlike the native flowchart tool, Creately is a collaborative workspace with real-time collaboration. With millions of users, the tool allows you to collaborate with your team and analyze your project requirements in real-time. It’s ideal for business analysts and teachers, and its specialized shapes will ensure you have a productive collaboration. You can also use the tool’s template library to build any type of diagram you need.


The domain name of Deasilex indicates its intention to attract marketers and content creators alike, but the real focus is on quality, not word count. The goal is to serve 700k unique readers per month and will allow one backlink in an article with at least 700 words. As a guest poster, you will get a chance to earn a few dollars, as well as gain exposure and recognition from other top-quality websites.

The site is tech-based, specializing in modern consumer tech. Its good DA authority is proof of this, as it has become a reliable source of tech content for its visitors. For example, it covers topics like Metaverse updates and NFTs, among other topics. Another good option is Creately, a business blog that allows guest posting, but the topics change frequently.

Another popular way to find great guest posting opportunities is by researching competitor websites. Check out the blogs and websites in your niche to see which ones accept guest posts. In this way, you’ll get a list of high-quality opportunities that fit your needs. Deasilex is one of the top guests posting sites in 2022. If you’re ready to put in the work, check out the following guest blogging resources.


DA and traffic are another way to find quality guest posting opportunities. The goal of guest posting is to gain backlinks and build relationships with industry experts. Guest posting is one of the most popular SEO strategies because it helps build your brand name and improves indirect links. It’s also a great way to network with other business owners and gain recognition. There are thousands of guest posting sites online, so there’s sure to be one for you.

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