The Penny-Pincher’s Guide to Life in Las Vegas

Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the world, with tourists coming from all over to enjoy the sights, games, and some of the best food you’ll find.  Unfortunately, every tourist town can be expensive: and the City of Lights is no exception.

If you’re eager to make the most out of living in Las Vegas and don’t want to go into debt while you do it, this is the best way to save money while you’re here!

Find A Great Roommate

Housing is wild all over the country, but Las Vegas apartments for rent can be stunningly expensive.  Instead of letting these housing highs get you down, it’s a good idea to find a roommate so your monthly payments will be lower.  Great places to find roommates are  Great places to find Las Vegas roommates are Diggz, Craigslist, Facebook, and other social media that center around this incredible city.

Make sure to get to know your future roommate or landlord before you move in, and do everything you can to ensure this is safe.  That includes googling their name and information and asking if there are any references you can talk to.  Your safety matters.

Go For Deals and Sales

Las Vegas loves a good deal: and you’ll find tons of them here!  Many think this city doesn’t have any breaks, but it actually has a slow season.  If there are any attractions or businesses you want to check out, but they’re usually too expensive, consider stopping in from late July to early September!

These months are slower because people want to avoid the heat, and many parents who might have taken time off while their kids were out of school will be heading back home.  This means lower prices and a less crowded city: as long as you can handle the heat.

Take the Bus Instead of Driving

You may love your car and want to do everything using it, so you don’t get stranded: but the main fun parts of Vegas aren’t very far from one another.  Although you don’t want to have to walk all over Las Vegas: you should consider taking the bus.  You can get a monthly pass for cheaper than car insurance costs every month, and you don’t have to worry about driving around cars that don’t know where they’re going.

Pick Up Some Gig Work

If you need to boost your income while you’re living here: take the chance to pick up a gig job!  Gig work is an awesome chance to make more money and get to know the area better.  There’s tons of work here, from driving people around to delivering groceries and food and even helping tour people around the city.  Although this isn’t the most glamorous work here, it’s a fantastic way to make some extra dough.

Vegas Is a Dream if You’re Thrifty!

If you’re able to chase a good deal and know how to have fun without dropping hundreds: you’ll love Vegas.  This is a city full of awesome fun and entertainment, and living here can be a dream come true.

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