Keep the Basement Dry with Foundation Waterproofing

Moisture in the crawl space or basement is a major problem, and you should always take action to prevent it. When excess moisture is left to wreak havoc, it can lead to extensive damage as well as issues with things like mold. Foundation waterproofing solutions are designed to help protect your foundation and keep the basement or crawl space dry.

In this guide, learn more about what foundation waterproofing is, how it works, and why you might need it.

What is Foundation Waterproofing?

As the name suggests, foundation waterproofing takes steps to protect your foundation from water damage. Whether you have a basement or a crawl space, these steps are designed to prevent excess moisture or humidity from wreaking havoc on your space.

When left untreated, moisture or water in the basement and crawl space can cause cracks, structural or foundation disrepair, mold, and more. There are many different ways that waterproofing can be incorporated. Here are a few great examples:

  • Foundation crack repairs
  • Foundation wall wraps
  • Moisture control systems (dehumidifiers)
  • Exterior drainage solutions
  • Interior basement drains (French drains)
  • Sump pumps
  • Sealants

Some spaces will need more than one solution, and everything from exterior sloping or drainage to interior drainage or sealing should be considered to determine the right option for your space.

Signs You Might Need Foundation Waterproofing

How do you know when you need foundation waterproofing? The biggest sign is when you have water or excessive moisture coming into your basement or crawlspace. When it rains, these spaces should stay dry. They also shouldn’t be excessively humid.

There are several signs that you can watch for if you are not sure whether or not you need waterproofing solutions. In most cases, you should be proactive with waterproofing to avoid running into any future issues.

These are some of the top signs you might notice:

  • Any excess moisture or water, such as puddles, damp floors and walls, etc.
  • Mold growth
  • Musty odors
  • Obvious water damage (rotting wood, wet items, etc.)
  • Warping wood
  • High humidity levels

All of these things occur from moisture that isn’t meant to be there. Remember that the basement or crawl space isn’t supposed to just be damp or humid all the time. If it is, then you need to take action.

Even if water isn’t coming in from rain, excess humidity and moisture levels can be a sign that you need to do something. Always look around windows, cracks, doors, and window wells for water seepage and address those issues right away.

Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

There are many things that you can do to waterproof the foundation in both crawl spaces and basements. And you should take action! Not only will it protect the crawlspace or basement, but it will essentially protect the foundation, improve the value of your home, and make sure your structure remains sound for much longer.

It is important to work with a professional waterproofing company to determine the right solution for your needs, as well as to make sure it gets done correctly. DIY waterproofing can sometimes be helpful as a temporary fix, but if you want a permanent and long-lasting solution, you will need to hire a professional.

These are some of the most used solutions for foundation waterproofing:

  • Foundation wall wrap: moisture and vapor barrier around the foundation
  • Foundation crack repair: injecting and sealing cracks in walls/floors
  • Interior drainage: sump pumps, French drains, etc.
  • Exterior drainage: gutters, dry wells, sloping, etc.
  • Moisture Control: dehumidifier systems to control humidity levels

When waterproofing solutions are considered, the entire property should be assessed. Sometimes, improving the gutters or downspouts will be the extent of what a property needs. In other cases, you may need a sump pump or to have cracks repaired and sealed. This is why working with a professional who understands the options and can effectively enforce them is critical!

Most solutions can be used for either a crawlspace or a basement, but they may be used differently based on what’s appropriate.

Professional Foundation Waterproofing is Best

DIY solutions can provide a short-term help for your waterproofing needs, but the key is to understand these really are short-term. When you need a permanent solution or fix, using a professional is the way to go. Professional waterproofing companies can provide a total solution approach and help you determine the most suitable waterproofing options for your home’s needs.

Don’t neglect foundation waterproofing. Protect your home and it will provide a safe space for you for a lifetime.

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