Indulge in Ultimate Comfort With the Empava Whirlpool Bathtub

Rice pudding and apple pie come to mind when we think of indulgent and comfort foods, but there are many more examples. When it comes to kitchen appliances and bathtubs, Empava has broken the mold with sleek yet elegant options that combine aesthetics and functionality; their freestanding whirlpool tub is no different.

Bathtub Features

Empava bathtub is an award-winning freestanding soaking and whirlpool air tub designed with ergonomic comfort in mind. Crafted of high-gloss acrylic that’s easy to maintain and reinforced with fiberglass for durability, the Empava also comes equipped with built-in handrails and low threshold steps, making entry and exit much simpler.

Our contemporary stand-alone design makes for the perfect addition to any bathroom decor, easily pairing with any tub filler for optimal bathing style. Comfortably accommodating one or two bathers at the same time, its striking curved lines will become the focal point of your space.

This bathtub comes equipped with 18 deluxe zero-profile air jets and 22 hydro-therapeutic massage jets, as well as a maintenance heater, to create an environment conducive to body soothing relaxation. Furthermore, its wide edge rim can accommodate a handheld shower; and ergonomic control knobs make use easy. Lastly, its stain and scratch-resistant material makes for easy upkeep ensuring its sparkling condition for years of enjoyment. Visit ibathtub.com for more information. There are varieties options like jetted bathtub, air bathtub, whirlpool bathtub or alcove bathtub.

Bathtub Design

Empava creates products to enhance the beauty and function of your home while adhering to high standards for function and quality. Their sleek kitchen and bath products come at less-than-premium prices and can be purchased directly online to be delivered straight to your door.

This ergonomic freestanding bathtub is constructed of 100% glossy white acrylic reinforced with fiberglass for long-term and reliable performance. Perfectly fitting into any bathroom and compatible with any tub filler option available to you, its ergonomic design provides optimal bathing comfort and utility.

This 67-inch spacious walk-in bathtub comes equipped with a handrail built into its rim for extra safety when entering and exiting the bath, as well as an easy 4-inch step-in threshold to ensure smooth entry and exit from this tub. In addition, whirlpool jets strategically place to soothe and massage the body include two in the lumbar region, one on each side, as well as one located underfoot for optimal experience – powered by a 1.2HP water pump for extra power to this jet system!

Bathtub Installation

Empava freestanding soaking tub features an attractive stand-alone design to open up your bathroom space and makes bath time feel larger. Crafted from 100% glossy white acrylic and reinforced fiberglass structures for strength, its durable materials and easy maintenance make for effortless stain- and scratch-resistance.

With a built-in handrail installed into the rim of a bathtub, it provides support and stability to assist people with disabilities and seniors to ease into bath time. Furthermore, this bathtub comes equipped with an easy pop-up drain designed for effortless operation.

Step-in threshold of less than 4 inches makes entering and exiting the tub simpler for bathers, with an ergonomic grab bar providing extra stability and security. Indulge in 8 adjustable water jets which offer rejuvenating hydromassage hydro-massage of the lumbar region, legs, feet, to promote blood circulation and relaxation – perfect for two bathers to experience an indulging and stress-free soak experience!

Bathtub Maintenance

Selecting the ideal bathtub requires careful consideration of both your needs and lifestyle. When reviewing specifications of potential tubs, be sure to note how much electricity they use, how much water they hold, as well as any additional fees such as installation or rerouting plumbing fees which may apply.

The acrylic bathtubs are durable and easy to maintain, with high-gloss shine that remains durable over time. Choose a tub featuring integral waste & overflow for a sleeker, stylish appearance; this makes installation quicker and simpler, too. Plus, an extended warranty gives peace of mind.

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