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If you want to share your videos with others, you’ll find a variety of options on Vimeo. You can watch, download, and manage your videos from any device. You can also upload content directly from your cloud storage account. Whether you want to share your video to the world or just share it with friends, you can customize the player and choose your own settings. You can password-protect your videos, set the player size, color, and buttons, and even change your profile picture and bio. If you’d prefer, you can upgrade your account to Vimeo Plus, which costs $10 per month and removes advertisements.

As with other video-sharing sites, Vimeo offers both free and paid plans. The free account offers basic features, while the premium account comes with subscription-based tools and advanced video toolkit. If you’re a professional or want to make your videos more professional, you’ll want to upgrade to the Pro plan. With the Pro version, you can even post your videos to YouTube and other social networks. With the new “Pro” account, you’ll get access to advanced video editing tools.

The Vimeo app on iOS works similarly to its Android counterpart, with a few minor differences. The upload icon looks blue on iOS, while the menu looks clunky. The free version lets you view your videos in thumbnail size, while the paid version lets you watch them full screen. Depending on your preference, you can even edit your videos after you upload them. A disadvantage of the free version is that you won’t be able to save your progress if you edit them.

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