How To Pick The Best Blinds For Noise Reduction

As the outside world gets noisier, the need for a peaceful indoor sanctity has become more necessary. Not just the outside noise, but sometimes one needs peace at home, especially when children are around. And at the workplace to reduce distractive noises from disrupting our concentration and work.

The next best option for an expensive soundproofed room or premises is to fit the windows with specifically constructed blinds to reduce noise and loud sounds.

The blinds best suited for noise reduction are:

  • Roman Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Cellular blinds

Roman blinds are among the most well-known and widely installed. The blinds ensure optimum coverage without compromising aesthetic value and look. Constructed with precision in the best available fabrics and components, the neat folds of the blinds fall uniformly without causing too much puckering.

Roman blinds are timeless, versatile and elegant, complementing and aligning with your vision for the interiors. The blinds are constructed explicitly with relevant dimensions that help in noise reduction. The folds align uniformly with each other acting as a deterrent against noise, muting it and protecting your privacy and the inner sanctity of your home.

Choose from the three styles of Roman blinds available:

  1. Classic: fashioned in the original classical style, fitted with a cord at the front and valance or decorative drapery at the top.
  2. Sewless: These blinds are developed without valance and fit with a cord at the back.
  3. Plantation: The batons are made of timber, fitted with a front cord and valance. The valance can be plain solid or its design can be a continuation of the slats effect, making it look seamless from top to bottom.

Suitable blinds based on location

Choose the most suitable blinds depends on the location of the premises, the footfall and traffic within and outside the premises, and the nature of your work or life choices.

  • Offices: Offices or public buildings are places of constant activity with more than average footfall. The common areas can fit in with the classic blinds, custom-made to fulfil your specific noise reduction criteria. They are also easier to maintain, moisture-proof, and longer-lasting. Another alternative is roller blinds. Roller blinds are practical and versatile, with a wide range of options for choosing colours, shades, and operating mechanisms. You can also opt for a motorized mechanism for the roller blinds in the external areas of the office.
  • Private cabins: Plantation shutters are a good choice for more privacy and noise reduction. The Wooden slat blinds also add a touch of comfort and warmth to the space..You can choose the shutters to be without a valance to maintain the severe atmosphere of the office.
  • Homes: Choose multi-layering for your rooms, with printed or solid-coloured blinds layered with sheer curtains or complementing printed or solid-coloured curtains. The multi-layering will insulate the space from noise and light to a large extent while creating an intimate and whimsical environment.
  • Common areas: Pick the sewless blinds for the common areas, with the cord at the back making it child safe. You can request to add a valance for a softer look.

Install plantation shutters in your living room, giving it an insulated classic look and feel that is both welcoming and intimate. To ensure further noise reduction, you can install motorized roller blinds on the exterior of the premises, like the balcony or patio. The addition will help protect the indoors from extreme climatic changes and noise.

The measurement is the primary consideration to keep in mind while ordering the blinds. Ensure it covers the windows from end to end, with no gaps for the sunlight to peep through on closing the blinds.

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