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DOORS – A Powerful Requirements Management Tool

DOORS is a tool that enables enterprise-wide requirements management and links diverse textual and graphical information. Unlike other requirements management solutions, Doors is a document-centric spreadsheet-like program. Its interface is similar to that of the old Microsoft Windows Explorer. It has an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily navigate between documents, models, and project-related tasks. In addition, DOORS has an easy-to-use search feature to help identify and locate specific documents.

DOORS supports traceability of requirements from requirement definition to product delivery. Using the DOORS Links feature, it is easy to track requirements from one project to the next. The application also provides full audit trails of standards documents and facilitates collaboration between teams. The user interface allows for easy editing and reporting capabilities, and it includes an integrated database. It is suitable for all IT projects, enabling large organizations to manage their resources and improve collaboration. Moreover, it also allows users to manage and maintain their databases in a single place.

Another great feature of Doors is its flexibility. It is a multi-user application that lets multiple stakeholders collaborate on requirements in near-real-time. In addition, it can be used by different teams to work together on the same project. The application also offers advanced reporting capabilities and a centralized view of the entire project. This makes it an ideal choice for enterprises, regardless of their size and complexity. Its versatility makes it a powerful tool for managing your resources.

IBM Rational DOORS is part of the CLM solution. It traces requirements from initial requirement gathering to final product release, eliminating spreadsheets and manual processes. The software allows for simultaneous viewing of multiple documents, ensuring complete audit trail of standards documents. It also provides a secure database environment with a Java API to access the database. It also features a reporting facility and a multi-user interface. This means that even the most complex project can leverage the tools provided by DOORS.

IBM Rational DOORS allows for a traceability of requirements across the entire organization. It links requirements to designs, making it easy to view requirements and tracing changes in a centralized location. The software is integrated with other software solutions. With its easy-to-use desktop client, it allows teams to work more efficiently and improve communication. It also offers a wide-range of tools that can support the different stages of the project lifecycle.

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In addition to allowing users to manage their requirements and trace their specifications, IBM Rational DOORS also makes it easy to collaborate across different teams and stakeholders. The centralized database environment allows for multi-user access, enabling team members to share and edit documents. With this, it’s possible to collaborate with colleagues, vendors, and other stakeholders. Its desktop client allows for easy configuration, analysis, and reporting capabilities. As a result, organizations can focus on creating value from standards.

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