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Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime?

Security systems not only protect your property but also deter crimes. These resources have become an essential asset for homes and business owners. Learn more about how home security systems deter crime.

Camera Surveillance

Home security cameras have been around for a while and have gone a long way in acting as crime deterrents and surveillance resources. Banks and large institutions were the first to incorporate security cameras to deter crime.

Now, homeowners can use and monitor closed-circuit security cameras worldwide via the internet.

Any camera system connected to your house deters criminals from scoping out your property. Camera surveillance systems connect to lighting and alarm systems, which activate upon being triggered. Video doorbells also show who is at the door and if they are armed hertube.

The camera systems can provide proof of the identity of potential burglars during prosecution.

Control Panels 

Control panels are the primary point of contact for a home’s security system. The control panel can arm or disarm an alarm and is only accessible by authorized personnel. Individual passcodes or voice commands are often used to arm or disable an alarm with a control panel.

Alarm Systems

In a study of 422 convicted burglars conducted by the North Carolina University at Charlotte, 83% of criminals acknowledged checking homes for alarms before breaking in. According to 60% of convicted burglars, an alarm would make them reconsider.

Modern alarm systems are programmed to notify security agencies of break-ins. These systems have monthly monitoring fees ranging from $15 to $60, depending on the features and providers. Homeowners also have the option of connecting to these systems using their smartphones.

Smart Locks

Do you have a spare key hidden behind a flower pot or doormat? Most criminals know where to search, but an intelligent lock eliminates this risk. These lock systems use a code, fingerprints, a smartphone app, or a keypad instead of a traditional key. If the locks are tampered with, the alarm system connected to the locks will go off.

You can also use your voice to operate some smart locks. Because of this, you can integrate them with your smart speakers to further automate your home’s safety and security.

Motion Sensor Flood Lighting

Burglars like to operate completely unnoticed, so even the most basic exterior lighting can make your home a little safer. Motion sensor flood lights may also be beneficial as they become active whenever there’s suspicious movement around your house. 

Motion sensor flood lights can make it difficult for burglars to determine whether someone is at home.

Sensors for Doors and Windows

The magnetic contact sensor detects openings in a door or window and typically comprises two parts. Opening a door or window with the system activated will cause the two magnetic sensors to become physically apart—setting off the alarm. Glass-break sensors and Motion sensors function in the same way.

Secure Your Home Now

A video doorbell camera installed at the front door or a complete, monitored security system is a reasonable investment. Knowing you’ve taken every precaution to safeguard your life, family, and possessions is priceless.

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