Complete Android App Development Course on Demy

Unlike most online courses, this Android app development course has a hands-on approach that will help you learn the latest mobile development technology. The course is structured around three different modules, each of which reinforces what you already know pklikes. The first module covers Android App Development, while the second part explores more advanced concepts. Other modules cover Android Architecture, Firebase, Material Design principles, and XML. These modules will help you build powerful mobile applications with the latest technologies and platforms.

This Android app development course is written by a team of professional developers that includes Marc Stock, Denis Panjab, and Rob Percival. The course features a 4.4 rating, and 144 K students have already bought it. It teaches Android development using Java, which is no longer recommended for mobile development pklikes com login. However, if you are just starting out, this course may be an excellent option. The instructor, Jean-Paul, is extremely responsive and he replies to questions quickly.

The Complete Android App Development course on demy has more than 62,000 students and a 9100 rating. The course teaches advanced android features, including geolocation and android wear. Students will also learn to create an android app and submit it to the Play Store. The course features 32 hours of on-demand video, 106 articles, and 47 supplemental resources. Overall, it is a comprehensive course, but it is important to know that it is not intended for novice developers wikipous.

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