Best Torches to Brighten Up Your Camping Trips

Whether you camp out overnight or love to explore after the sun goes down, a good torch is a must-have in your kit. It is one of the essential items you need to bring on your next camping or hiking trip. There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost or losing your footing when you are out in the middle of nowhere.

Based on the type of torches, we have compiled some of the best torches to brighten up your camping, hiking or outdoor adventure. These torches are not just easy to use but are also powerful, durable, and compact.

Head torch

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you visualise  tunai4d trekker hiking in the dark? Yes, it is the image of a trekker with a head torch clamped on!

A head torch is a must-have for anyone who goes camping, hiking, caving or any other outdoor activity after dusk. With the head torch attached to the headpiece, the user can see the surroundings while keeping their hands free. Visit here online best website.

Tent light

Tent lights are exclusive lights to hang inside a tent or enclosure. Once you have pitched your tent you could hang it inside and use it as a regular light.


Having a spotlight in your luggage comes in handy when you need a concentrated beam of light. The light from spotlights usually penetrates the darkness farther than an average torch and is much brighter.

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Spotlights are ideal when you are lost on your camping trip and you need to alert someone.

Rechargeable torch

Torches that are rechargeable feature lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable instead of having to be replaced as soon as they run out. It is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective to use rechargeable torches.

The batteries can be recharged by using either a power source or solar energy. For camping trips, solar rechargeable torches are more convenient. They just require a few hours in the sun to get recharged. If it is a shorter camping trip and you have a power source at your campsite or even your vehicle, you could charge your batteries using electricity.

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Water-resistant torches

If your outdoor adventure takes you to damp areas like caves or mountain streams, a water-resistant torch is what you need. Before buying a water-resistant torch, take a look at the splash-resistant rating or submersion rating to find which would be ideal for your use.

Keychain torches

A keychain torch may not help you when you are walking in the dark. But it may be convenient when you reach the campsite. Being compact, it can be attached to a variety of objects, such as a set of keys or your backpack.

LED lights

Today, LED strip lighting is one of the most common types of lighting you’ll come across when camping. You can mount the LEDs in a row. They do not cost much, give a bright light source, are easily installable, and more importantly, only draw very little power.

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Choosing the right torch for your application

Lumens, or the amount of visible light output, are measured in lumens. In other words, a torch with more lumens has a brighter light source. For your camping trips, choose a torch with between 35 and 100 lumens.

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