Benefits of using a solar battery

Solar panels are installed to collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. They generate electricity when the sun is shining. The energy is stored in a battery and used later, at night or during a power outage. The need for energy is high during afternoons and evenings because the temperature is high and people need electricity to cool their homes. In the Solar and Storage system, the excess electricity goes to the battery instead of the grid.

The most significant reasons for storing the power generated are to have backup power when the grid goes down and to lower the electricity bill by reducing the grid power usage. All utility companies charge higher rates at certain times and lower rates at other times of the day. Families use the power stored in the battery to avoid using grid power at a higher rate.

Why is battery storage necessary?

A battery allows people to store extra energy generated from solar panels. Batteries help families not to rely on grid power and become energy independent. The amount of energy stored in a battery depends on the capacity of the battery. The stored energy is also used when solar power generation is insufficient. Having a battery to store solar energy is helpful in areas where the grid power is unreliable.

Best battery for the solar panel system

Lithium batteries are the best choice for the solar panel system. They are not heavy, occupy less space and don’t emit gas. The battery charging time is less and allows total download without getting damaged. The batteries are 100% sustainable and have a life of nearly 20 years.

Benefits of solar batteries

Energy independence: The most significant benefit of solar batteries is energy independence. These batteries help to keep the lights on and phones charged even when there is no grid power. Without a battery, the solar panels stop generating electricity when grid power goes out. It prevents feedback to the grid. When a battery is added to the solar panel system, the solar panels keep working even during a power outage.

Reduce carbon footprint: Without a solar battery, people use all the energy generated and draw grid energy when more power is needed. But, grid power is not clean because it is generated using fossil fuels. So, families who wish to go green must install a battery in the solar system.

Quiet backup power: Homes that don’t have a solar battery use conventional gas generators during power outages. The gas generators pollute the air and make a lot of noise. However, solar batteries don’t make noise and provide an uninterrupted power supply during a power outage.

Reduce electric bill: Installing a battery helps to reduce the electricity bill. Families avoid using grid power at times of the day when the grid charges are high. Using grid energy is eliminated when solar panels generate sufficient energy for the home. As a result, the electric bill is negligible, and a considerable amount of money is saved.

Many people choose solar and storage systems because solar energy is clean and renewable. Storing energy is an excellent backup power source and a good way to save money. Solar batteries are the best way to save solar energy. Homes with solar panels and storage batteries are energy independent and never face any power shortage. In addition, solar power helps them to reduce their carbon footprint.

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