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5 Things You Need To Know About Exposed Concrete

One of the easiest ways to increase your property’s value and the area’s utility is to update the driveway. A flat, completed area where guests can park their cars and children can play (under adult supervision, of course) dramatically increases the property’s practicality.A driveway made of concrete is a safe bet. While exposed aggregate is a great way to add visual appeal to your facade, it also serves practical purposes. A driveway may be improved in various ways, but this particular form of concrete offers visual and practical benefits that cannot be ignored. The ornamental stone may be added in various colours, textures, and sizes.

Is it safe to use exposed aggregate in Melbourne driveways?

The short version: 100%! Driveways poured out of concrete are already quite durable. They may last for decades if appropriately constructed with reinforcement. Driveways made of aggregate are the same. Aggregate provides more stiffness than the original mixture (literally). You’ve probably seen dozens of driveways with decorative pebbles or stones. These have been well-liked for quite some time, and they are now again seeing a surge in popularity because of their adaptability and fashionable customization choices.

Although Melbourne’s unpredictable climate is well-known, exposed concrete can handle whatever the city throws at it and more. You won’t have to worry about repairs or upkeep due to weather extremes like sweltering heat, torrential downpours, or a dusting of frost. Are you having doubts? Taking a comprehensive look at your choices is a smart move. First, however, think about these…

Here are significant advantages of concrete driveways with exposed aggregate.

The versatility of this concrete surface for domestic use is unparalleled, and it’s one of our favourite things about it. A driveway need not be a perfectly straight or uniform colour. The use of formwork makes it possible to create curves and shapes in which the more complex surface is seamlessly integrated into the landscape and architecture of the home and yard. The driveway may be transformed into a piece of art with some imagination and the help of a skilled installation team.

First and foremost, aesthetic value.

In a situation when the aggregate is on display, the aggregate itself stands out the most. Driveways may be transformed into eye-catching works of art by decorating them with stones, pebbles, shells, and broken glass. Driveways may have vastly different aesthetics by varying aggregate size, crushed or whole stone, or using a variety of colours and materials. Potential homebuyers are also likely to find these driveways attractive. A higher-end upgrade compared to standard grey concrete adds value to your home and can help it stand out on the market.

Sufficient Grip Year-Round

Don’t be duped by the label’s fancy appearance. Driveways with exposed concrete are functional and aesthetically pleasing. First, they are ten times less slippery than standard concrete driveways. A shape that is also practical thanks to the aggregate’s added natural traction. Also, you’ll be better able to maintain your balance if you dare to brave the cold of a winter morning.

Requires little upkeep

Need peace of mind knowing you have to take measures to safeguard your expensive custom driveway? With exposed aggregate, this isn’t necessary. A sealer coats the surface to prevent water damage and stains. This means that dirt, grime, and spills may be easily removed by hosing them down or leaving them in the rain.

To keep everything looking new, have a concreter come back every two to three years to inspect the sealer and apply a new coating. To put it simply, you may leave your automobile there. The scuffs from the tires will also go quickly.

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